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Today we have for you some information given to us in confidence from someone in high authority within the server and community. I have made my own thoughts to these and displayed them in italics to make it easier. Without further ado, enjoy!

The newest part to the main story of Dark Century X, which we have named "DCX2" for the purpose of this article, is to include the server module being reworked and optimised, with new areas and some old areas replaced.
I assume that the new areas would be (for example - pure speculation) along the lines of a recreated kobold village to replace the existing one. I'm looking forward to seeing the new areas as I bet you are.

A New chest system will be in place, now, instead of the trouble where you pick up an unlocked chest and it is locked again when you put it down, the database will be used to address this problem.
I suppose this means trap disarming as well, and I must say that it will be a welcome change to the current system.

Draketalon (and, I suppose, Lightnus) weapons will no longer have the player character roaring with flame, but the weapons themselves will flare.
This will look much better visually and will not frighten the pants off new players like it did when I thought that Peter Elderson had caught on fire :'(

Better Balancing - Spells are being reformulated and balanced to address current issues.
Hopefully this will prevent the server crashing with buffing and will allow wizards to survive low levels (hint hint), and also the remaining spells can be completed.

Hordes of the Underdark will be a prerequisite for playing "DCX2" because of the new features and content.
Does this mean the fabled Crafting skills will be implemented? Robes? I believe it does.

These changes are at least 3 weeks away so far, and what has been revealed today is but a tiny sample of the total update: DCX2 is the largest upgrade since the DC->DCX update.

Exciting stuff! More information has been promised and you'll be informed of it as soon as it becomes available. With these foreseen changes to the server, with balancing issues being addressed, along with implementing new spells and skills this looks to be a very promising year for the community as a whole.


[Page Author: Peter (Sword Raven)]
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 · SwordRaven: hah, look who has returned to herd the sheep into depravity and violence!
 · MoRiA: [Smile] Shame I won't know you then..
 · EDGX: Hello, DCX. I am an old player, from Vintons. Great to see things are better than ever.
 · MoRiA: Zeh has now been unbanned, "pending further contact from Uriel". And yes, it is rather depressing. Most of the players can be found elsewhere, though [Wink]
 · Llewen: ugh, checking out Aralar's custom portraits makes me realize how many players have left DCX... [Sad]
 · Llewen: what? Zehave was banned? Where?
 · MoRiA: *yawn* Someone unban Zehave already. His banning is totally unnecessary
 · Balrithor: I do. If it's not correct, then it's Wrong
 · MoRiA: Assassin isn't a very common class, and people don't seem to like pointing out errors :p
 · Balrithor: *shrug* I noticed it first, even though you had a 5 month or so headstart
 · MoRiA: So you've proved Rational wrong, not me [Wink]
 · Balrithor: Ha! Proved you wrong! There IS a mistake there somewhere!
 · MoRiA: It makes perfect sense [Wink] Rational wrote it anyway [Smile]
 · Balrithor: You've got a mistake with the class referances. In the Assassins bit, you've put down Uncanny dodge bonuses as per NWN, but also noted that it doesn't work against traps
 · Balrithor: Horizontal rules aren't allowed either...
 · MoRiA: Journal slashes problem fixed

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