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Spellcasting Guide

You have two choices when it comes to casting a spell; you can either cast it immediately (at least, as soon as you have finished preparing it) or you can "store" it and use it later. You can only store spells for a set amount of time but, if used well, storing spells for later use can save all important mana and allow you to cast a spell as soon as you see an enemy, rather than waiting a few seconds first - by which time you could be dead. I will start with the immediate casting method as this is easiest for new players to understand.

Casting the Spell Immediately

Casting a spell immediately is very easy. Simply right-click on the spell you wish to cast then select "Use: Darkness".

The cursor will change to the targetting one allowing you to select your target. Once you have selected a target, you will begin to prepare your spell. The spell will be cast as soon as preparation is finished.

This preparation time reduces as you gain levels.

Note that if you perform an action at the moment your spell finishes preparing your spell will be stored instead of being cast immediatly. See below for more details. It is recommended to not do anything whilst preparing a spell.

Storing the Spell

If you wish to store the spell for later casting you must select "Unique Power Self Only".

You wont be presented with a targetting cursor, but will instead cast the spell instantaneously. Once you see a message saying "** Your spell is ready. **" you can then use your Magic Spell Medium (grab one from the Spell Trainers in the temple if you do not already have one - same goes for spells).

You have two options when using the medium. "Use: Darkness" and "Unique Power Self Only". "Use: Darkness" will cast the spell upon a target of your choice, whereas "Unique Power Self Only" will, as the name suggests, cast the spell upon yourself.

A spell will only remain in your mind for a set amount of time, after which it will escape and you will have wasted mana.

Combat log from casting a spell using the Medium


Each spell you cast will drain your mana by a set amount. This amount is the same as the level of spell you are casting. That is to say that a level 1 spell (a spell that you gain when you are level 1) will cost 1 mana point, while a level 5 spell (a spell you gain at level 5) will cost 5 mana. You will always regain 25% of your total mana every pulse.

Different classes have different amounts of mana per level, with the more magic-orientated classes having more than the fighting based classes. You can find out more about these amounts here.

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