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or "How Not To Make A Fool Of Yourself In Dark Century X"

There are a few points, I may ramble and then order them later, add to or correct me as much as you like, this should be available for anyone to read/update or correct.

  1. Language: If your Paladin of Tyr (e.g.) is a noble and just warrior, don't say things like "k" or "let's hunt" of course, unless your paladin does believe that clearing the wilderness of evil creatures to make safer passage for traders and merchants is 'hunting' as such. 'k' is not really something you would actually say, you might mumble it, maybe it's appropriate in RP situations of embarrassment, maybe you just accidentally clicked a button that caused you to take your armour off in front of a young lady you were pleasantly chatting to, and you said "Oh, dear me young lady! avert your eyes!" quickly putting the armour on again, then when/if she makes a comment such as "no worries there," or something you would reply shyly, obviously a bit flustered "s'k" you may blurt out.
  2. Sure of your character: Being sure of your character is good, but don't stifle it and make it never evolve. Peter Elderson was a lot different when he was first conceptualised, he has changed into someone that I enjoy roleplaying. I am pretty much sure of what he would say in a given situation. (Don't get me wrong, I don't plan ahead, but now I sit here and type this I can.) For example, today Peter laughed his head off at that old Ambassador guy because he finds his manner to be extremely offensive. Peter would only ever be polite to this person if it was required (formal occasion) or if it meant the difference between a sword in the gut and living to mock another day. He also tries his hardest to be polite to people around him. One thing he can't stand is when people show disrespect for his friends or even aquantences.
  3. Prejudices: Does your character act strangely around halflings? Does (s)he give druids the cold shoulder? You should remember that, as with the point above, this is liable to change as Goeffrey the Kind Half-Orc isn't as bad as Krug the Meta-Barbarian from Hell who you knew from back in your history. Maybe you have a dislike for those Religious folk and their strange ways, but when a Cleric, looking past your dislike, saves you from a mortal injury, you become a little more respectful. I'm not saying you'd then be running around the next day screaming "Wow, Clerics truly are The One class!!11one" but maybe next time you met one in the street you'd be less hostile, possibly greeting them.
  4. Combat: We all know that in the heat of a really big or crucial battle we tend to forget ourselves. Dave the Passive Arcanist is not going to say "Die horrible scumbag beasts!" and unleash greater missile swarm without some serious provocation. Maybe your character is a bit trigger happy and will always aim to start a fight, maybe even pick one. (This mostly applies to PvP situations, roleplay or otherwise) and... We all know that running away is a damn good idea when the going gets tough. but don't just clear off and leave your companions to duke it out with the Five Horsemen of the Apocralypse. A quick shout (not actual shout - imagine the situation) of "We should fall back, they are too numerous!" and then retreating but making sure you are giving the necessary support to anyone in the front line, or that you are not leaving the archers and mages to be the front line as you run.

    Another tip: MAKE SURE that you get RESPONSES before taking action. Don't say "Lets kill that MEGA werewolf!" and attack it before the others have a chance to object, or before you form strategies. (Unless you are the trigger happy type of course, but even then, it's just polite to.)
  5. Out of character knowledge: No. Just no. You should never use out of character knowledge directly. For example, I was in a roleplay situation with Oetkenjc (most, if not all, of you must have read his story about the daughter, Arnyeon pinching her Dad's sword, right?) Well, I had, and I thought it would make some fantastic roleplay, so, after a few fights, noticing the quality of the sword I said "That's a fine weapon you have there, where did you get that from?" and so on. :�) Of course, this led on to some fantastic roleplay, some of which i hope you've read, (Took me a while to write that up - the troll thing).

    Running up to some character you've never seen before and saying "WOW, COOL SWORD SO YOU GOT THAT IN THE CRYPT EH PRETTY COOL!!1one" is not at all interesting. I find it much more rewarding to hear the characters themselves recount the tale or give you information... Also it's a great laugh to make the characters act nervous because you've uncovered their secret (Arnyeon's sword).

So there you have it. My tuppence.


[Page Author: Peter (Sword Raven)]
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