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#DCX Quotes

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<Leo> just put in the nwn cd
<Leo> and I'm hearing the intro music
<Leo> mmm
<MoRiA> (Y)
<Leo> gives me goosebumps
<Leo> havnt heard it in like 2 months )
<SwordRaven> lol
<MoRiA> lol
<SwordRaven> Leo has a woody
<MoRiA> rofl
<Leo> BOING !
<MoRiA> :|
<SwordRaven> lmao
<Rena> hrm
<SwordRaven> computer desk shifts
<SwordRaven> monitor falls off
<Leo> HAHA
<SwordRaven> Leo cries
<MoRiA> computer desk shatters
<Leo> keyboard goes flying
<SwordRaven> resulting in Leo being impotent for 3 months because of the shock
<Rena> O.O
<MoRiA> rofl
<SwordRaven> shatters LMAO
<SwordRaven> Leo is a MANS man
<MoRiA> :P
<Rena> O.o
<MoRiA> or a NWN man
* Rena in shock at the conversation
<SwordRaven> oetken's manhood of deskslaying +15
<Leo> wtf
<MoRiA> rofl
<Leo> goodthing I got some from the neighbor chick yesterday
<SwordRaven> lol
<SwordRaven> ;)
<Leo> impotent for 3 months would suck
<SwordRaven> yes it would
<MoRiA> lol
* Rena blinks
<Rena> tmmfi dude
<SwordRaven> er what?
* MoRiA suggests Rena covers her eyes
<MoRiA> and yeah, wat?
<Rena> to much mother f-ing information
<SwordRaven> oh right
<MoRiA> ah
<SwordRaven> there was no detail
<Leo> ROFL
<Rena> still tmmfi
<Leo> guess that's why I'm in a good mood today ) lol
<MoRiA> we were just hinting, your mind filled in the blanks ;)
<SwordRaven> we could have said that his throbbing pole of man-chicken erupted forth DESTROYING the computer and it's desk
<SwordRaven> literally OBLITERATING the house
<Leo> ROFL
<Leo> including breaking his own nose
<SwordRaven> ROFL
<Rena> OMG!!!
<SwordRaven> The explosion is seen by us on the horizon
<Leo> lol
<SwordRaven> Debri gets as far as africa
<MoRiA> debris i hope
<SwordRaven> yes
<Leo> bacteria dies due to the blocking of the sunlight
<SwordRaven> thought that was wrong
<SwordRaven> rofl yes
<SwordRaven> Leo wipes out life on earth because of his NWN-woody
<Leo> lol... "debris"
<MoRiA> from the house
* Rena dumb founded

<SwordRaven> Zeruel...
<SwordRaven> I've been meaning to ask you for some time now...
<SwordRaven> Will you...
<SwordRaven> erhmm..
<SwordRaven> Will you Cabbage me?

<SwordRaven> I was thinking, maybe you could spell out uDCX in placeables in the gladiator arena or something

<ZeHaVe> online is my 2nd gf.. lol
<ZeHaVe> ermm.. make it my 1's love... since i spend more time here then her..

<SwordRaven> did you look out for Reaper Man like I said?
<Leo> havnt had time
<Leo> been chatting with this girl I'm in love with that's up in Canada
<MoRiA> and of course that takes all ur time(Y)
<Leo> of course I'm not gonna say where she lives because she's close to where DM Z lives now..
<Leo> hehe..
<Leo> all he'd have to say is "I run a NWN server" *swoon*

<SwordRaven> roll d6
* DiceBot --> "SwordRaven rolls a d6 and gets 4."
<SwordRaven> roll 3#d6
* DiceBot --> "SwordRaven rolls 3#d6 and gets 4, 4, 4."
<SwordRaven> nice and random

<Leo> lol, no.. but I'm sure he's playing with his Mary Poppins figurines

<SwordRaven> careful... this Aralars is loaded and she's about to go off!
<SwordRaven> I really hope that wasn't some common sexual slang in the US
<SwordRaven> ...can never tell...
<SwordRaven> ...with the US. ¬_¬

<MoRiA> heh we have some very cool black armour
<MoRiA> .... with a single breast in the middle :S
<Greg> cytit armor?

<DM_Zeruel> there's no other bugs at all?
<MoRiA> well... there's the bug that causes the DMs to be lazy so I can't do my pansy flower arranging :(

<DM_Zeruel> i said i would wipe it for him
<DM_Zeruel> is he still on?
<DM_Gabriel> have him wipe his own ass
<DM_Zeruel> lol
<Leo> "Daddy.. come wipe me!"

<DM_Gabriel> prank time on dm zeruel again?
<SwordRaven> if you want
<DM_Gabriel> all opposed?
<Leo> wee, as long as he doesnt get too pissed
<SwordRaven> hehe
<SwordRaven> yeah
<DM_Gabriel> ok
<DM_Gabriel> here goes
<DM_Gabriel> "rofl u fux"
<DM_Gabriel> hes mad at me now
<DM_Zeruel> you will pay for that

<DM_Gabriel> hey guys gets whats coming soon to dcx!
<Leo> guess ?
<Greg> what?
<MoRiA> you seem excited
<Kelburt> llamas?
<Leo> whores ?
<DM_Gabriel> twice as many wound locations!
<MoRiA> thus i dread to think
<SwordRaven> mountain hideouts?
<Greg> LOL
<DM_Gabriel> double the fun
<Leo> F'ing shit
<MoRiA> i thought as much
<SwordRaven> lol
<SwordRaven> wounds are teh suk
<SwordRaven> but they are cool
<Kelburt> more DM evil is sounds like to me!
<MoRiA> "You have suffered a horrible genetalia wound!!" argh!!
<SwordRaven> lol
<Greg> LO
<Leo> "Your lower back hurts a little in the left region area" -1 attack
<Greg> LOL
<SwordRaven> rofl
<MoRiA> rofl Leo
<DM_Gabriel> wow
<Greg> and movement speed
<DM_Gabriel> those are good ideas
<Leo> try roleplaying with no genetalia

<Leo> Hey Z
<Leo> btw
<Leo> while you were gone
<Leo> there was a Roltarn invasion
<Leo> ...
<Sword^NWN> lol Ceaser was on remember?
<Leo> lol
<Leo> him and his dreaded Spacebar that must be the size of my keyboard
<Sword^NWN> he accidentally paused the server again and said sorry, then zillions of roltARRRRGHHNNNNNNS
<Sword^NWN> attacked us
<Sword^NWN> lol rofl
<Leo> you'd think he would have remapped that like... a century ago

<DM_Gabriel> wow
<DM_Gabriel> i hate the toolset
<DM_Gabriel> copy tiles from one area
<DM_Gabriel> paste into another
<DM_Gabriel> ERROR
<DM_Gabriel> this operation would produce tiles that dont exist
<MoRiA> rofl
<SwordNWN> lolololol
<SwordNWN> it's all true
<DM_Gabriel> of course its true the toolset is retarded
<DM_Gabriel> its the best when zeruel is doing an update
<DM_Gabriel> and then he saves the module
<DM_Gabriel> *crash*
<DM_Gabriel> its ridiculous
<MoRiA> i can see you love it really
<DM_Gabriel> wow
<DM_Gabriel> i finally got it to paste something
<DM_Gabriel> and then it caused an access violation

<Armano> my fingers hurt like fuck
<SwordRaven> ???????
<SwordRaven> that's alarming
<Armano> yeah
<Armano> not like a muscle that gets stronger
<Armano> just bones that get creakier
<SwordRaven> lol
<SwordRaven> yes
<Armano> my abs are sore too.. from leaning back in this chair.. and leaning forward to get up and get a drink.. ubar workout.. omg
<SwordRaven> rofl
<SwordRaven> "military" oetken who is out of breath after walking up the stairs to his computer
<Armano> especially on the tea-drink-piss workout diet
<SwordRaven> lolol
<SwordRaven> workout diet ;)
<Armano> I can still run 3 miles in 22 minutes, do 15 pullup and 120 crunches in less than 2 minutes )
<SwordRaven> nice
<SwordRaven> I can sort of flop around and be tired
<SwordRaven> in an indiscriminate length of time

<SwordRaven> woooo yay leo
* SwordRaven humps leo's leg
<SwordRaven> wtf?
<SwordRaven> who wrote that? damn haxxor3s

<Leo-ughhh> you know
<Leo-ughhh> being a rogue
<Leo-ughhh> you constantly wonder if people can see you
<Leo-ughhh> lol
<SwordRaven> yes lol
<SwordRaven> can't wait to be a shadowdancer
<SwordRaven> imagine an RL shadowdancer with his girlfriend................
<SwordRaven> "Oh look at that cool teddy bear only $500"
<SwordRaven> "honey?"

<SwordRaven> oi gab
<SwordRaven> we reckon that the BC pawnbroker should accept stolen goods
<SwordRaven> can it be done?
<SwordRaven> rofl ;)
<DM_Gabriel> that requires like
<DM_Gabriel> a checkbox
<DM_Gabriel> to be checked
<DM_Gabriel> or unchecked
<DM_Gabriel> im not sure
<SwordRaven> mfg
<DM_Gabriel> and im not going to risk
<SwordRaven> well, if you're not up to the task...
<DM_Gabriel> opening the toolset today

<DM_Gabriel> what does das tier in mir mean?
<SwordRaven> "animal in me"
<SwordRaven> roflmfao
<DM_Gabriel> k
<DM_Gabriel> hm
<DM_Gabriel> that would explain why the song is called
<SwordRaven> oh there's a das "the animal in me"
<DM_Gabriel> wolfen
<SwordRaven> that's slightly less sexual

<Grezialda_of_Thakos> Oh that's ok
<Grezialda_of_Thakos> Doris was with 2 female characters
<Grezialda_of_Thakos> And comes out with the line
<Grezialda_of_Thakos> "Show me your chest"

* SwordRaven whips Grezialda_of_Thakos
<SwordRaven> get moving
<Grezialda_of_Thakos> Humm..
<SwordRaven> :P
<Grezialda_of_Thakos> Wonder if Grez would be a moaner or a shrieker :)
<SwordRaven> roflmao!
<Grezialda_of_Thakos> Haven't gotten that far into char development :)

<Kelburt> Never date a drug addicted lesbian.
<Kelburt> No matter how hot she is...
<MoRiA> ... not gonna go out of my way to do so..
<Kelburt> No matter how perfect the body...
* Kelburt starts day-dreaming
<Kelburt> GAH!
* Kelburt snaps out of it.

A bit of relationship advice from Krynshaw there...

* DM_Zeruel sets mode: +e
<DM_Zeruel> er
<DM_Zeruel> what the hell is +e

<Leo-stfu> only thing that could give me raging hard on would to bring back the Old GI-Joe series, or the Exo-Squad series... and finish up the last season

<DM_Perseus> it is contagious
<Leo> yes yes
<DM_Perseus> contagous
<DM_Perseus> contagiuos
<Leo> ...
<DM_Perseus> catching

<DM_Perseus> hey, it is easier to crank up my IRC stats than my post count
<DM_Perseus> hey, it is easier to crank up my IRC stats than my post count
<DM_Perseus> hey, it is easier to crank up my IRC stats than my post count
<DM_Perseus> hey, it is easier to crank up my IRC stats than my post count
<DM_Perseus> hey, it is easier to crank up my IRC stats than my post count
<DM_Perseus> hey, it is easier to crank up my IRC stats than my post count

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 · Bjehsus: woot, just installed NWN finally [Grin] thx again, andrew
 · Lord dEath: So I see. Welcome back [Grin]
 · SGorman: Weee're BAACK!
 · DM Perseus: Well, Sera, all you have to do is click on the link to Aralars site...which for some reason redirects you to Genmay, hmmm.....
 · Seraphine: Can someone send me Sera's portrait, please i cna't seem to find it on the site listed for sarah portraits =/
 · Kelburt: I keep wondering if I should install NWN on my new PC... I'm still addicted to WoW though.
 · JimmyJones: Remember........ there are not many who are to be all that there is in being.
 · MoRiA: Nothing stopping someone oiling a bow if they want to though, I guess....
 · AcidKat: you dont need to oil bows
 · TreePlanter: *sits on the bank oiling his bow awaiting a hunting party*
 · MoRiA: Yeah, old but better than the thing we had before. I like to know my way around the site's code which I can only do when I write it all myself [Smile]
 · Guyturf: Love the new (old?) look...!
 · MoRiA: Yayyyy for shoutbox! [Grin]
 · MoRiA: That poll is screwed. You shouldn't be able to post fifty times per IP.. :p
 · SwordRaven: hah, look who has returned to herd the sheep into depravity and violence!
 · MoRiA: [Smile] Shame I won't know you then..
 · EDGX: Hello, DCX. I am an old player, from Vintons. Great to see things are better than ever.
 · MoRiA: Zeh has now been unbanned, "pending further contact from Uriel". And yes, it is rather depressing. Most of the players can be found elsewhere, though [Wink]
 · Llewen: ugh, checking out Aralar's custom portraits makes me realize how many players have left DCX... [Sad]
 · Llewen: what? Zehave was banned? Where?
 · MoRiA: *yawn* Someone unban Zehave already. His banning is totally unnecessary
 · Balrithor: I do. If it's not correct, then it's Wrong
 · MoRiA: Assassin isn't a very common class, and people don't seem to like pointing out errors :p
 · Balrithor: *shrug* I noticed it first, even though you had a 5 month or so headstart
 · MoRiA: So you've proved Rational wrong, not me [Wink]
 · Balrithor: Ha! Proved you wrong! There IS a mistake there somewhere!
 · MoRiA: It makes perfect sense [Wink] Rational wrote it anyway [Smile]
 · Balrithor: You've got a mistake with the class referances. In the Assassins bit, you've put down Uncanny dodge bonuses as per NWN, but also noted that it doesn't work against traps
 · Balrithor: Horizontal rules aren't allowed either...
 · MoRiA: Journal slashes problem fixed

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