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Date: 20/12/2003

(As you can surely tell by the date, this was written back in the times of "DCX 1")

A fine day for an adventure, sun shining, armour clean, weapons ready, 4 companions set out to visit the Forest Trolls...

The gloomy forest seemed tranquil and soothing except for the knowledge of the imminent troll encounters

"This way, follow me. " came the order from the self appointed leader of the group, Andrias.
The first few trolls were easy pickings for the bows of Arnyeon and Andrew paired with the swordsmanship of Peter and Andrias. Even Andrew's wolverine helped in the fighting.

When suddenly, 4 Trolls appeared from round a corner, as Peter became slowly surrounded by the malevolent beasts Andrias turn tails and fled into the undergrowth, screaming like a Kobold baby.
Arrows piercing the foul creature's thick skins, Peter was pretty much left to take the physical damage of the situation.

"This one's lost... Time to leave," Peter bellowed to his two remaining companions.
"Yes, we must leave," came the reply.

Peter took a few steps backward before turning to run. a Troll swiped him across the back causing damage. Closer to safety but still many minutes away, Peter realised that the only way to survive this was to fight, and take down the Trolls.

"We cannot escape them, we must fight." Peter rallied his companions and their suppressing arrow fire became all the more important. Another troll fell and one more took it's place, "Where is Andrias?"

a brief cry for help caused Peter to look in the direction of Arnyeon where she was being chased by a troll that had broken off from the main group.

"Get away from her you bastard !" Peter yelled as he struck the monster a blow to the back, knocking it to its knees. This gave Arnyeon enough time to counterattack and make the beast fall.
"I.." Arnyeon fluttered, "I don't know what I'd have done without your help, you saved my life."
"Forgive my slip of the tongue, young lady." After the hasty apology, a little healing was all the thanks Peter required to rejoin the battle.

Still, there were many trolls left, 3 at least. Andrew had been separated from the group, having been more efficient at retreat than was necessary. he returned with his wolverine, aptly titled "Badger", which was a vicious creature and mauled one of the trolls where it stood. Peter felled one troll with his Mithril Broadsword and retreated to heal his lacerations. the final troll fell under the hail of arrows and wolverine bites.

Finally emerging from the forest, Peter, Arnyeon and Andrew rested and recounted their tale.

"Where did Andrias go?" Peter asked for the second time.
"Don't know, didn't see him." Accounted Andrew.
"I saw him run off into the forest. Screaming like a girl." remarked Arnyeon.
"You belittle your gender, most likely he was screaming like a Kobold." Peter suggested.
"Yes." she laughed.

The companions headed back to New Vinton's to tend their wounds, recovering from the shock of such a fantastical battle.

Only the heroes of New Vinton's have such high adventure, surely?

[Page Author: Peter (Sword Raven)]
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